Baseline and Trend Data
What information is being used to inform the creation of the SLO and establish the amount of growth that should take place?

Pretest data from the student survey

Based on student population for that year

Student Population
Which students will be included in this SLO? Include course, grade level, and number of students.

Number of students in class without accommodations

Students who have been identified as gifted

Number of students with accommodations

Interval of Instruction
What is the duration of the course that the SLO will cover? Include start and end date.

Semester class that will cover units on Macro and Micro Econ plus Personal Finance

Micro Unit one month, dates?

Macro Unit one month, dates?

Personal Finance, 6 weeks, dates?

Standards and Content
What content will the SLO target? To what related standards is the SLO aligned?

To be determined by which unit is selected

What assessments will be used to measure student growth for this SLO?

Post test

Growth Targets
Considering all available data and content requirements, what growth targets can students be expected to reach?


Rationale for Growth Targets
What is the rationale for setting the above targets for student growth within the interval of instruction?