E Unit 4 – Macroeconomics

Content Statements Addressed

  • E CS 7, E CS 8
  • Three weeks of instruction

Essential Question


Learning Targets

  • List economic indicators
  • Identify GDP/GNP for measuring economic progress
  • Compare nominal to real GDP/GNP
  • Analyze CPI for inflation and poverty rates
  • Judge the accuracy of unemployment rates as reported
  • Define terms within the business cycle: recession, depression, expansion, contraction
  • Summarize government spending as a stimulus the economy
  • Hypothesize the effects of taxation on overall economic growth
  • Describe the Federal Reserves role in carrying out monetary policy
  • Critique the Federal Reserve changes in interests rates for effectiveness in managing the economy
  • Compare the tools used by the Federal Reserve in its to efforts to regulate the economy

Learning Strategies

  • Compare GDP/GNP of two different countries
  • Solve for how the Federal Reserve increases the money supply with RRR standards
  • Create a market basket of goods to calculate CPI/Inflation over a given period of time
  • Have students describe the intended and unintended consequences of a contemporary government economic policy decision
  • Assign students the task of researching various economic indicators
  •  Assign a different country to each group of students and have them prepare summary reports on how various economic factors influence their nation’s economy.

Diverse Learners Strategies

  • Complete crossword of the Federal Reserve
  • Watch the video about Federal Reserve bailout of the banking industry
  • Play Market Simulation Game

Assessment Evidence



  1. Monetary Policy
  2. Fiscal Policy
  3. CPI
  4. GDP/GNP
  5. Unemployment
  6. Inflation