E Unit 5 – Globalization

Content Statements Addressed

  • E CS 9, E CS 10
  • 2 weeks of instruction

Learning Targets

  • Define comparative advantage and absolute advantage
  • Contrast countries with comparative and absolute advantages
  • Demonstrate the benefits to free trade and interdependence
  • Define tariff, quota, subsidy, trade agreements, and multinational corporation
  • Observe how current trade restrictions effect pricing

Learning Strategies

  • Play Escape from Barter Island
  • Play World Card Trade Game
  • Research and present the products and relationships with the US top trade partners
  • Research the predicted cost to consumers of an item with and without subsidies


  • Make flash cards for key terms
  • Look up the current price of gasoline and price for a barrel of oil to predict if the cost of a gallon of gas will increase or decrease in the near future


  • Read $750,000 steelworker
  • Report on the current trade agreements the US is negotiating

Assessment Evidence



  1. Tariff –
  2. Quota –
  3. Subsidy –
  4. Trade Agreement –
  5. Multinational Corporation –
  6. Comparative Advantage –
  7. Absolute Advantage –
  8. Interdependence –


Chapter 17 and 18 Quizzes
Escape from Barter Island
World Card Trade Game