G CS 22

Public Policy

Federal, state and local governments address problems and issues by making decisions, creating laws, enforcing regulations and taking action.

Content Statement

22. Individuals and organizations play a role within federal, state and local governments in helping to determine public (domestic and foreign) policy.

Content Elaborations

Individuals and organizations engage government officials on public policy using several methods. Individuals and organizations can:

Campaign for candidates who will support their positions once in office;
Provide information to executive branch officials on the impacts of potential rules and regulations;

  • Lobby members of a legislature;
  • Provide testimony before legislative committees;
  • Prepare briefs to present during judicial proceedings;
  • Offer comments during public meetings;
  • Conduct letter-writing campaigns; and
  • Hold public demonstrations.

Individuals and organizations must know the proper level and branch of government to engage at the various stages of making public policy.

Expectations for Learning

Take different positions on public policy issues and determine an approach for providing effective input to the appropriate level and branch (agency) of the government.