G Unit 4 – State and Local Governments

Unit Title

Ohio’s State and Local Governments

Content Statements Addressed

  • G CS 18, G CS 19, G CS 20

Essential Questions

  • How does the principle of federalism help define the government of the United States?
  • How does the State of Ohio fit within the federal structure of government?
  • How did the Ohio Constitution of 1851 address difficulties in governing Ohio?
  • How can Ohio’s citizens play a role in helping state and local governments address problems facing their communities?

Learning Targets

  • Identify examples of how the 1851 Ohio Constitution addressed difficulties in governing Ohio at that time.
  • Compare the structures, powers, and relationships between both levels of government as defined in the Constitution of Ohio and the Constitution of the United States
  • Determine how the Ohio Constitution complements the federal structures of government in the United States
  • Identify the roles that Ohio’s citizens can play in helping state and local government address problems facing their communities


  • Federalism
  • Ohio Constitution

Learning Strategies

Diverse Learners Strategies



Assessment Evidence