H CS 02


Historical Thinking and Skills

Students apply skills by using a variety of resources to construct theses and support or refute contentions made by others. Alternative explanations of historical events are analyzed and questions of historical inevitability are explored.

Content Statement

2. The use of primary and secondary sources of information includes an examination of the credibility of each source.

Content Elaborations

The use of primary and secondary sources in the study of history includes an analysis of their credibility – that is, whether or not they are believable. This is accomplished by checking sources for:

  • The qualifications and reputation of the author;
  • Agreement with other credible sources;
  • Perspective or bias of the author (including use of
  • stereotypes);
  • Accuracy and internal consistency; and
  • The circumstances in which the author prepared the
  • source.

Expectations for Learning

Analyze and evaluate the credibility of primary and secondary sources.