W Unit 3 – Imperialism (1800-1914)

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Content Standard

  • W C.S. 10,  W C.S. 11

Essential Questions

Learning Targets

  1. Know definition of Imperialism.
  2. Analyze the political, economic, and social motivation for Imperialism.
  3. Identify the geographic areas affected by Imperialism.
  4. Know the Imperialistic countries.
  5. Know the geographic, economic, cultural, and political elements of Imperialism.
  6. Compare and contrast strategies used by Imperialistic countries.
  7. Explain the need and ramifications of Imperialism.
  8. Explain why some countries had more than others.
  9. Identify nationalism.
  10. Predict events that may happen in colonies.

Learning Strategies


  • Boxer Rebellion
  • Emperor Meiji
  • Extraterritoriality
  • Unequal Treaties
  • Social Darwinism
  • Berlin Conference
  • Nationalism
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Protectorate
  • Colony